Microsofts Word Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts comes handy when you are working with Microsoft Word, did you know it is faster doing everything with the keyboard than using the keyboard and a mouse? Yes it is, imagine the time your using to move your hand from the keyboard to the mouse. Try using keyboard shortcuts from the highlighting to saving and printing when your working with the document. 

Description Shortcut 
Copy CTRL + C 
Cut CTRL + X 
Paste CTRL + V 
Print CTRL + P 
Open a new document CTRL + N 
Switch between open windows CTRL + Tab 
Find CTRL + F 
Save a document CTRL + S 
Line break SHIFT + ENTER 
Page break CTRL + ENTER 
Jump to the end of the document CTRL + End 
Jump to the beginning of the document CTRL + Home 
Help F1 
Go To CTRL + F5 
Select All CTRL + A 
Increase Font CTRL + ];
Decrease Font CTRL + [ 
Left Align CTRL + L 
Centre Alignment CTRL + E 
Right Align CTRL + R 
Justify Alignment CTRL + J 

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